Massage therapy relaxes the muscles and stimulates the circulation so that blood flows freely, carrying oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed. Also, it improves muscle and skin tone, stimulates the nervous system and improves overall body health.

Our Services

I am a professional massage therapist. I offer deep tissue, facial treatment and reflexology and trigger Point massage therapy certificate and maintain my work experiences since the early 2000’s. My services are swedish, myotherapy (trigger points) deep tissue, cupping techniques through rocktape, reflexology. Myokinetic therapy. Offer 60, 45 and 30 min massages. Gift certificates available. The pros of massage therapy are: relaxation, increase circulation, help with sleep. Helps to replenish your muscles.  We recommend contacting me to secure your reservation. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

About Kathy Haage

As a professional massage therapist, I am dedicated to help you relax and offering a healthy and calm treatment.

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